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10 Hotel Booking Mistakes and How to Avoid Them?

10 Hotel Booking Mistakes and How to Avoid Them?

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Booking a hotel is quite mind-boggling task. You need to visit different websites, enter your planning dates, source to destination details, and much more.

10 Hotel Booking mistakes and how to avoid them
If you are new to booking a hotel, then we are here with the list of 10 common mistakes that most of the people do while booking a hotel. We advise you not to repeat the same mistakes if you want to make your journey and hotel stay successful. Here we go…

Mistake#1 Booking A Luxurious Room.

Solution: Make sure you book a comfortable room. Many people approach the best room at best locality. This increases the overall charges of a hotel necessarily. You need to make sure you book a room that gives you comfort and not luxuries if you want to save your money and make your travel budget-friendly.

Mistake#2 Believing On Services Guarantee

Solution: Many hotels list services like swimming pool, Table Tennis court, and much more but fail to provide when customers visit them. Do check if the hotel is actually providing these services by calling them.

Mistake#3 Entering Incorrect Dates

Solution: The main reason for this common mistake is the enthusiasm with which people book their hotel and fail to enter the correct details. Do check your dates once before you finalize and click the option “Book”.

Mistake#4 Not Paying Via Credit Card

Solution: Make sure you make payment using your credit card. This method gives you an added benefit of getting reward points.

Mistake#5 Choosing Incorrect Hotel

Solution: This mistake is again a result of careless where a person books his or her hotel in a hurry.

Mistake#6 Not Considering Taxes And Additional Fare

Solution: Calculating hotel fare and not considering taxes and other fares disturb your budget so make sure you check total fare before finalizing your order.

Mistake#7 Overlooking Customer Reviews

Solution: Many online hotel sites have review section that allows visitors to share their experiences with the other people. Check these reviews and get an idea of the services any particular hotel will give.

Mistake# 8 Booking At Season Time

Solution: Book your hotel in offseason when the rates of hotels are comparatively lower than the seasonal time.

Mistake#9 Forget To Compare Prices Of Different Hotels

Solution: When you enter your price budget, you will get a list of hotels. Make sure you compare the prices, services, and other details of different hotels before making a final decision.

Mistake#10 Booking Hotel That Has Non-Refundable Policy

Solution: Many hotels charge non-refundable fees. If you happen to cancel your booking, then all of your money would go in vain. So, while booking make sure you check if the hotel makes a complete or partial refund of the payment in the case of any cancellation.

Wrapping Up:

Above are the ten hotel booking mistakes that most of the people do. We have tried to compile them in a very sophisticated way and given solutions to deal with such a kind of problems. If you happen to encounter such a problem, make sure you check the solution first.

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