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10 Hotel Booking Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

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Do you frequently book your hotel rooms? Have you come across a situation where you made a mistake while booking your hotel? If yes, we are here to guide you with the common mistakes that most people do while booking their hotels and things that can be done to avoid such mistakes.


1. Carelessly booking the hotel without checking the hotel policies of Deposit and Cancellation of Booking
Most of the hotels follow the same policies so people tend to repeat this mistake by neglecting policies that these hotels have framed according to their needs and interests.
How to Avoid: Go through each and every document before booking your hotel to avoid such kind of mistakes.

2. Doing Booking for a Room that cannot accommodate your family members completely
This mistake can be avoided by checking reviews of the people who have availed services of the hotel you are planning to stay in.

3. Neglecting Extra Fees incurred by the Hotel
Initially, you may get captivated by the welcome drinks, hot or cold beverages that will be served in your room but make sure you are clear if these services are free or paid.
How to Avoid: Ask room service in advance which services will be free and which will be charged in order to avoid any last minute surprise.

4. Getting excited by the allurements that trip planner use to fool you
There are certain things that are just added to attract visitors like full AC service in summer trips, easy meal, and comfortable sitting options etc.
How to Avoid: Don’t forget to check these services personally before taking your family on a trip.

5. Negligence in checking revised rates
Hotels keep introducing occasional hotel booking offers, and most people tend to book tickets when they feel like outing with family or friends.
How to Avoid: Periodically check the best time to visit any particular hotel so the best deals can be availed at the cost-effective rates.

6. Not earning the credit points while making your hotel booking online
Hotel booking and payment via credit card adds some credit points that can be used later on.
How to Avoid: Have a credit card in your pocket and keep a check of the points you earn while making your booking so as to get maximum benefits.

7. Using Foreign Currency Credit Card and paying Transaction Fees
Many hotels use U.S. dollars but what about other currencies? You need to first get your current converted and then make payments.
How to Avoid: Make sure you check the currency compatibility of the hotel before booking your rooms.

8. Don’t pick a crowded area for spending your vacations with kids.
Most of us prefer a place that our friends or relatives are choosing to spend their vacations but you must look for place that takes you away from all the responsibilities and give you enough time to spend with your kids.
How to Avoid: Look for place where the crowd of the people is maximum but the fun is unlimited.

9. Dot blindly rely on online images and services depicted by any Hotel Booking Site
Hotel sites try to forge people by presenting their amenities in a classy way but actually they may not be good enough in providing even the basic facilities as well.
How to avoid: Check reviews of the people who have visited that particular hotel so that you can have a better understanding of the services that hotel provides.

10. Don’t ever cancel your Third Party Hotel booking Site direct with the Hotel
There are sites like book my trip, trip advisor, and much more that have collaborations with many hotel and can offer you good deals when planning your trip. Contacting any hotel directly may not give you such benefits.
How to avoid: In the case, you change your mind and want to cancel your ticket, then make sure you cancel the booking through the same site and not the hotel directly.

Hope these common mistakes and tricks to avoid them gives you an idea of not to repeat them in future.

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