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12 Things to Ask for When You Check into Your Hotel Room

12 Things to Ask for When You Check into Your Hotel Room

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Even if you have booked your hotel room, there are plenty of things that you should ask before checking into the hotel. We are here with the list of 12 such things that are useful and must be asked before your check into the room:


1. Additional Charges:
Many hotels try to forget their charges by hiding additional charges like service charges, Vat, etc. Your hotel shouldn’t hide charges and everything should be fair and transparent.

2. Additional Luxuries:
Many hotels do not offer facilities like SPA, saunas bath, and hot steam rooms, etc. If you are one of that person who wants to relax, don’t forget to check if your hotel is providing you such a kind of facilities.

3. Beautiful View:
Your room should have beautiful surroundings and ambiance so that your day at room passes comfortably. If you happen to stay in a room at some point in time, your room should be closer to the natural beauty so that you can view and spend your day in peace.

4. Check For Reviews:
Go online and check for reviews given by the genuine customers so that you can get a better picture of the hotel, you would stay in.

5. Check Out Time:
Make sure you check the checkout time of your hotel room. If you get stuck in some meeting or you happen to stay at some place for quite a long time, don’t forget to check the late checkout charges from the hotel.

6. Comfortable Bedding:
An average hotel won’t be able to give that luxurious and comfortable bedding as that of a high-class hotel. Check for the quality of bedding before you check inside the hotel room.

7. Complimentary Services:
You should be given bathing soaps, Towels, shampoos, conditioners, toothbrush, and paste, etc. like essentials for free.

8. Hygienic Bedding:
Most of the hotels provide hygienic stay by changing bedding on an everyday basis. When you get inside your room, make sure you raise a request to replace all beddings.

9. Internet Facility:
Before you check in, ask for the Internet facility. If you are traveling on an office tour, you might need an Internet connection during your stay. If you ask for Internet connectivity, then you are always on a safe side.

10. Least Noisy Room:
If you are going for vacations and want to spend some quality time with your family members, do check if the hotel room is free from unwanted noise.

11. Rental Services:
If your hotel is offering rental services on bikes, safaris, or any other recreational activities so that your vacations become full-time fun for you.

12. Up-Gradations, If Any Ask For It: If you check into a hotel room, and you don’t like its face or ambiance, then you may ask for a corner room or a spacious room that can give you enough space for personal as well as professional work.

Hopefully, you find this information useful and consider it before checking into the hotel room.

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