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3 Mahabalipuram Warning or Dangers You Should Know

3 Mahabalipuram Warning or Dangers You Should Know

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Mahabalipuram is a famous tourist destination in Tamil Nadu. It is well known for its beach, temples, and artistic stone carvings. Chennai is the closest city to Mahabalipuram. Many tourist folks travel from Chennai to this destination. There are many good hotels which are available at reasonable rates. There are direct buses from Chennai to this place.

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But travelling to an unknown destination can be dangerous at times. Local tourists or some anti-social elements can take advantage of you. Apart from it, there are some other important points which one should consider while travelling to Mahabalipuram. Below mentioned are top three warning which one should follow:

1. First is that the south Indian region is normally humid. Mahabalipuram, because of its proximity to the beach is more humid as compared to rest of the tourist destinations. So one should carry cotton clothes and drink lots of water while travelling to these cities. During the month of November to January, the climate is normally pleasant and soothing.

2. But it is good to take precaution. One can get coconut water easily at the tourist spot. Sunglasses and sunscreen lotions can help in protecting your eyes and skin from heat stroke. One can refer weather forecast and accordingly plan the trip in advance. During summertime, one travel during morning or evening.

3. You should be careful while swimming in the beach. There are high tides sometimes. Many tourists sleep near the seashore. Which is risky. Big waves can prove to be risky during high tide. Local police have put warning boards asking people not to swim. It is not recommended for a woman to wear short clothes.

Apart from the above three warnings you must also consider the below points:

It might attract the unnecessary attention of people. For more security, one can always be in the company of a trusted male companion. If you personally know a guide who can take you through all the places in the town then nothing like it. A group tour is also a good idea.

Be prepared for things to go haywire. Your travel plan may go for a toss because of the bumpy roads on the highway. If you are traveling by public transport then there are chances that you may not reach the destination on time. This may affect your travel schedule.

Though the food served by hotels is good, it may sometimes result in stomach upset. So one should carry necessary medication to take care of such difficult situations. One should always take care of personal belongings in hotels or in other public places.

It is always better to follow all the instructions given at public places. In temples, tripods are not allowed. In beaches, people are advised not to swim in water. One should follow these instructions which are put down by local authorities to avoid unnecessary trouble.

If you follow all the above-mentioned warnings and follow all the instructions specified in the public places then the experience will be very pleasant. There is a rare chance that you may get into trouble. At an overall level, the people in Mahabalipuram are very helpful. So one can always take their help in case of difficult situations.

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