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5 Fascinating Facts about Hotels in Mahabalipuram

5 Fascinating Facts about Hotels in Mahabalipuram

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Mahabalipuram is a town which has got a lot of historical significance. It is 60 km away from Chennai. It is known for its beautiful sculptures, beach, and cafes. The population in this town is very less. Tourism and sculpture building are the major industries in this town.

Hotels in Mahabalipuram

‘Radisson Blu resort’, ‘Grande Bay resort’ and ‘Ideal beach resort’ are some of the highly rated hotels in Mahabalipuram. One can choose to stay in cheap or luxurious hotels based on budget and preference.

Below mentioned are some the fascinating facts about hotels in Mahabalipuram:

1. Some hotels offer leisure activities like cataraman rides in beaches. The hotels offer the variety of activities for people of all age groups. There are electric vehicles offered for people to move between the lobby and beachside rooms.

2. One can enjoy authentic Italian and French cuisine in the hotels. All sorts of western and Asian cuisines are available in the hotel. Seafood is extremely tasty. The hotels in Mahabalipuram also serve Liquor. In other areas of Tamil Nadu, it is difficult to find Liquor but not in the case of Mahabalipuram.

3. The hotels are covered with coconut trees so one can get the feeling of being in Kerala. One can also enjoy the Ayurvedic massage in the hotel.Customer centricity is one of the top priorities of hotels. Some of the hotels are very much active in responding to customer reviews online. Radisson Blu acknowledges positive as well as negative reviews.

4. One can enjoy beachfront restaurant through one can enjoy the view of Bay of Bengal. It is not possible in any other restaurant. Beaches are at walking distance. Hotels even have pools. Some even have temples nearby the hotel. Karukathamman temple is just 1 km away is very close to hotel Bay Treasure.

5. Some of the hotels have the museum with a particular heritage theme. One at Indeco Mahabalipuram is dedicated to “The British Raj and the Madras Presidency”. For travelers, Mahabalipuram is a paradise on earth. In one hotel they can share their stories on the rooftop of the hotel in the nights.

Mahabalipuram offers the unique combination of History and Modern times. On one hand there are temples, old sculptures and on the other hand are the 5-star hotels offering all the modern amenities so that tourists can enjoy their luxurious stay. The Pallava kings, Britishers all have left their legacy in Mahabalipuram. This is reflected in the arts which one can witness in the museums and in the temples.

On the top of it, Mahabalipuram is blessed with the splendid climate all throughout the year. It is between 30 to 35 degrees Celsius which is less temperature than Chennai. So tourists from Chennai get some relief from the heat when they visit this place. November to February is regarded as the best time to visit this place. Tourists enjoy the place because of sunbathing experience in the beach.

It is not overly populated so the surrounding atmosphere is quiet and peaceful. But those who like to seek some adventure for themselves, there are watersports like scuba diving, windsurfing etc.

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