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Basic Things I Would Expect When Staying in Hotel

Basic Things I Would Expect When Staying in Hotel

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Basic Things I would expect when staying in hotel

Travelling is an important part of human life. The hotel industry is growing at a tremendous rate as people like to travel for business and leisure. Tourism and hospitality have emerged as an industry in itself. Many countries are solely surviving on this industry.

Basic Things I would expect when staying in hotel

There are different kinds of hotels from one star to 7 stars. Depending on the budget, people decide the kind of hotel in which they would like to stay.Each provides basic as well as extra amenities to the travelers. Traveler’s wish list while staying in a hotel can be endless. But there will always be some basic expectations from any hotel in which they would stay irrespective of whether it is one star or 5 stars. Some of the basic things which every hotel should have are as follows:
1. Cleanliness:
An unclean hotel makes the whole traveling experience to go for a toss. The room, bathroom and everything inside the room should be neat and clean. The fate of the hotel is dependent on the ‘Cleanliness’ factor also. Hoteliers cannot give a good discount or other freebies and expect the traveler to come again to the hotel for their next visit or recommend it to their friends. Many hotels are not able to clear the bedbug test conducted by hotel authorities. Travelers do not think twice before sharing any such kind of unpleasant experiences on online travel reviews related websites.

2. Amenities:
There are some basic amenities which the travelers expect inside the room. This can be a small cupboard to keep the belongings, Television set which is in working condition, bottled water, small soaps, small toothpaste, small napkin, etc. Travelers get irritated when they are asked to pay for even a bottled water bottle.

3. Food:
Travelers like to expect breakfast to be a complimentary part of their hotel stay. Some expect a welcome drink or at least fruits to be given as something extra.

4. Free Wifi:
Business travelers do traveling to attain a specific objective. They have to work during their stay in a hotel as well. Also, they need to be in touch with their colleagues in the office. So a free Wifi connection is almost a necessity for them.

5. CCTV Cameras:
Travelers want their stay to be safe and secure. They expect the hotel personnel to be alert all the time. Often at times, travelers carry important documents, cash, expensive electronic gadgets, etc. So they expect that their belongings should be safe. For this, the hotels need to have CCTV cameras in specific places like hotel corridors, reception area, etc. Also, their doors and cupboards should have a proper locking system.

6. Service:
Every guest of the hotel expects the hotel staff to give them some respect. They should be nice and courteous. Rude behavior by staff is a big NO-NO for travelers. Also, they expect the hotel staff to help them in a case of any difficulties or emergency situations. Mainly because it’s a new place, new surrounding with new people. The hotel staff is localities and they can easily help the tourists.

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