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Best Mahabalipuram Hotel: 7 Things That No More Exist

Best Mahabalipuram Hotel: 7 Things That No More Exist

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Hotels have always been a great aid for tourists, businessmen and visitors from other cities for a long time. And have witnessed a lot of changes through decades. Here is a list of 10 things that best Mahabalipuram hotels used to have but are no more visible anymore:

7 Things that no more exist

1. It was decade’s back that best Mahabalipuram Hotels used to have large keys with plastic key tags on which you could find the room number, hotel name etc. over it. This used to act Guaranteed Postage stamp for that time but the development has reached a point where in you are given computerized keys that’s provide an extra added safety measure to your privacy. No more a random guest can enter to your room now.

2. Blinking Signage: Earlier a hotel was often recognized by twinkling, blinking boards that were visible from far off distances and the bold curved boards were often a symbol of status for the best Mahabalipuram hotels. Now they are more sophisticated, the glitz has modernized and the lights have become brighter yet beautiful now days.

3. Yesteryears Tile showers were the focal point for grabbing some hotel and now days it’s the portable and modern bathroom that sells, the decorum of the room that attracts the visitors and more importantly the entire crust of the stay for most of them is the food.

4. Steam heaters were used to control the climate of the rooms and now things shifted to room heaters that just create the perfect cozy environment for you to stay and rest.

5. Guest registers where you used to sign and enter the details about yourself. It was not only outdated but insecure as well. Since anyone could read on the details from previous lines. Now best Mahabalipuram Hotels are more aware of security and use computers to keep details.

6. Key Cubbies: This was a large rack which used to hold keys usually resting behind the front desk of the office is missing now days. It was so well versed to the front desk officer that he or she could just take a glance over it and tell who was available in the room and who was not!

7. Alias checkins: Yes, they used to happen just like movies and this created lots of problem for many hotel owners. But now the process is strict and you need to carry some important documents in order to enter and accommodate some space. Now most of the hotels have policy to check in with personal document submitted for security.

And we all miss them too! No matter what things will keep on changing and we all will keep on loving these hotels for so many reasons.

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