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How to Find the Best Hotels in Mahabalipuram

How to Find the Best Hotels in Mahabalipuram

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How To Find The Best Hotels In Mahabalipuram

If you are looking for some sun, sand and excellent sea-food, you are most likely to find the best of these in Mahabalipuram. The sea-town is situated on the eastern coast of Tamil Nadu. Because of the proximity to the sea, there is an abundance of excellent sea-food here. Shrimps and prawns are the favorites of the holidaymakers. So, if you are a gourmet, this is going to be the ideal place to hang out in.

How To Find The Best Hotels In Mahabalipuram

To simplify things for the travelers and tourists, there are a lot of good hotels here, and you are sure to find the best hotels in Mahabalipuram over the internet.

The town used to be a port in the 7th century, but is now also famous for the temple architecture cut out of rocks. Most of these temples are situated on the shores. The beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world with the
Bay of Bengal lapping them. For those on a holiday, there are a lot of temples and monuments, but there are also some of the best hotels in Mahabalipuram waiting for them.

Holiday-makers are sure to find sunbathing on the beaches in ahabalipuram quite fulfilling and satisfying. They are perfect for those looking for options to get rid of the exhaustion brought into their lives by the daily rush. Swimming and surfing are quite common, so do bring along your swim-suits when you come to Mahabalipuram.

Tourists use the airplane to get to Chennai, from where they have to travel by road to Mahabalipuram. The distance is not much, it is only 58-km.

If you arrive in Chennai by train, you are going to have to travel the same distance to get to Mahabalipuram, while the other railway station at Chengalapattu is about 29-km away from Mahabalipuram.

To get to Mahabalipuram from Chennai or any other station, a bus or a taxi is the most preferred option. It takes hardly an hour to get to Mahabalipuram from Chennai.

A taxi-ride often means some stiff bargaining, but once you are in Mahabalipuram, you are not far from the best hotels in Mahabalipuram, where there can be no bargaining. There are several other places worthy of your notice near Mahabalipuram, so you shall surely be rewarded well when you are in Mahabalipuram.

It rains a lot in Mahabalipuram during the period from September and December. This is the time when tourists avoid Mahabalipuram, so the best hotels in Mahabalipuram are most likely to have a lot of vacant rooms during this period.

Do plan in advance. Almost all hotels have websites now, so you can make your plans accordingly.

There are a lot of hotels and resorts on the beaches, and these hotels offer tariffs that fit into all pockets. Be sure to plan your vacations at a time when these hotels offer discounts and concessions.

This is usually when tourists don’t visit Mahabalipuram. Confirm all reservations using the internet before you leave for Mahabalipuram to make sure everything flows smoothly.

While you are in Mahabalipuram, be sure to take all necessary precautions against theft and robbery. Like in all tourist places, thugs and crooks are afoot to cheat innocent tourists.

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