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How to Select a Secured Hotel for Your Stay?

How to Select a Secured Hotel for Your Stay?

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The tourism business is always in boom. Many people travel across the world in different countries for business or leisure purpose. So hotels are booked frequently. Any type of hotels whether budget hotels or 5 star hotels are well in demand across any season. One should be careful in selecting hotel. It should be safe and convenient.Selecting a hotel is an art in itself.


It starts right from actually staying in hotel. Before the trip one should take the following steps:

• First step is to copy all necessary documents like credit cards, tickets, visas and passport etc.

• One should take photos of all luggage items and jeweler items as precautionary measures.

• It is necessary to draw a checklist of all necessary items before travelling.

• Taking help of digital mediums like review sites on hotels can be very helpful while choosing the hotels. A hotel which has got negative reviews consistently should be avoided.

• Perspective of friends or relatives who have been to that place and particular hotel can also be very fruitful option.

• Hotels should have interiors built in such a way so that it will not allow any trespassers to easily enter. Photos of the interiors of the hotels are available online. So that should be checked before selecting a hotel.

• One should keep a close on the personal belongings. Hotels which have got a track record of personal belongings/luggage’s getting lost or stolen should be avoided.

• One should not fall prey to cheap hotels which provide discounts and freebies to lure customers. Safety comes first and at a cost and one should be willing pay a good price for it.

During the journey one should select the hotel which takes care of below points:

• The hotel should have good locking system to the rooms. Losing or misplacing keys of the room is very common while traveling. So one should esquire about what kind of arrangement is available with the hotel for providing duplicate keys.

• Nowadays there is risk involved in terms of premises catching fire or short circuit issues. So it is necessary for hotels to invest in smoke detectors. Even thermal imaging cameras can be used to detect moisture on ceilings because of which there can be short circuits. One should select a hotel which has invested in safety of the guests.

• It is good to have a landline phone which has outside dialing facility. So one can easily call anybody in case of emergency.

• The hotel should be located in a good place. It should not be in an isolated location where there is no access to hospitals, medical stores, petrol pumps, restaurants etc. So the location of the hotel should be checked while selecting a hotel.

• It should have adequate security personnel who will be present 24/7 inside and outside the hotel premises.

• The entire premises of the hotels should be well lit. One can check this after entering the hotel by having a walk in the premises of the hotel.

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