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Top 12 Hotel Safety Tips Travelers Should Never Ignore

Top 12 Hotel Safety Tips Travelers Should Never Ignore

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Top 12 Hotel Safety Tips Travelers Should Never Ignore

Traveling is unlike a vacation, and a lot of things can go wrong on the road. This very thought has made people avoid traveling, but several courageous and adventurous people like to travel and are probably thinking of devoting their lives to travel.

Top 12 Hotel Safety Tips Travelers Should Never Ignore

Since you have come here to read this post we are assuming you are interested in traveling and you are interested in staying safe while traveling. There are many places where things can go wrong, and one of those places is the hotel. So in this post, we are going to talk exclusively about safety tips should follow on the hotel stay.

1. Do not lose sight of your luggage because if you are not looking at your luggage then someone is and you will never know who. Thieves take advantage of distractions, therefore, clutch to your luggage when you are busy somewhere else.

2. One of the easiest ways to break into a room is if they are on ground floor. Therefore, you will need to avoid that at all cost. We’d suggest you should go for something between a third to the sixth floor and of course, there should be an elevator so no worries.

3. Hotels staffs discuss aloud your room number, keeping personal safety in mind, you ask for a different and also request your room numbers aren’t being compromised in any way. And of course its always good to check the room thoroughly before settling in.

4. You will need to take care that you don’t keep your credit cards on table tops etc. because someone might note down your number which might prove dangerous in the future. Also, see that after check-in you are being handed your car and not somebody else.

5. Ask for the hotels business cards, and they should have the hotel’s name and address inscribed on it. Place it somewhere safe so that in case of an emergency when you have to call a friend or family you can remember the name of the hotel and its address. Or in case you get lost and want to hail a cab and take you to your hotel.

6. When a hotel staff is showing you a room, make sure the door is open and look into the bathroom and closet while the staff is present so that no one jumps at you. Only after you are satisfied, allow the staff member to leave.

7. See that the lock on the door is functioning properly, if not get someone to fix it.

8. This might seems a little too much but if you are living in a shady little hotel and if you have reasons to be scared, then make sure you use a door wedge to sure the door even more.

9. Keep a headlight near your bed because when the light does down for some reason, you will find it handy.

10. Make sure you are keeping all your expensive items in one place and not scattered about in the room because then you will run the risk of losing them.

11. If you are keeping valuable in the safe of the hotel, then make sure you have proof that they possess you property temporarily.

12. If you lose key or receipt, then report the hotel authorities and make sure to get a replacement.

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