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Top 5 Features Available in Mahabalipuram Hotels

Top 5 Features Available in Mahabalipuram Hotels

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‘Mahabalipuram’ is a tourist destination in Tamil Nadu. It is known for its beaches, stone carved monuments and temples. There are many hotels in this tourist spot to meet the accommodation needs of domestic and foreign tourists. There are budget hotels, 3-star hotels as well as 5-star hotels. Based on budget and specific choices, one can decide to stay any particular hotel. Many of the hotels offer unique features to attract tourists.


Below mentioned are some top 5 unique features offered by hotels:

1. For adventure lover tourists some hotels offer catamaran rides. Being in a place which is surrounded beach, tourists will definitely look forward to some adventure water sports activities. All people in the age group can take advantage of different activities offered on the complementary basis by some hotels. Electric vehicles also help in driving more traffic to the hotels.

2. Mahabalipuram attracts tourists from different parts of the world and not just India. Many foreign tourists visit Mahabalipuram to witness the splendid work done by old artisans. Also since it is closer to Chennai, many people who visit the metro do not want to miss Mahabalipuram. So to meet their food cravings, some hotels offer authentic Italian, French and Asian cuisines.

3. Some of the hotels are placed in a scenic location. It is surrounded by coconut trees and lush green outfields. Then to add to the excitement, some hotels even offer Ayurvedic massage for the tourists. This is a unique offering by hotels in the south.

Many hotels in Kerala also offers massage to rejuvenate the body senses. Some of the hotels are strategically located. The beach and the temple are located just a few kilometers away from the hotel. So one can enjoy visiting both the places as per the convenience. Very rarely, people get to see the combination of a beach and temple being closely located.

4. Mahabalipuram is blessed with rich History. There are many mythological stories also which are revolving around the city. It is important that people should know about the historical significance of the city. The stone carved monuments were built during the time of Pallava dynasty.

So there should be one place where people can witness the legacy of the city. One hotel in Mahabalipuram has a museum inside it. This place captures the essence of the town. The museum has captured images during the British Raj which can be dated back to the 19th century. So this is very useful for History lovers who would like to go back in time and see how the town looked centuries back.

5. Mahabalipuram is a perfect blend of old and new. On one side there are temples, old handcrafted artistic monuments and on the other hand, there are 5-star hotels offering modern and unique facilities. There are even small budget hotels for customers who do not want to spend much. Overall one can enjoy the experience of staying in hotels as they offer the value for money. Rich or small, National or international, kid or adult every kind of tourist can find solace in the surroundings of the hotel.

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