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Top Hotel Secrets from Behind the Front Desk

Top Hotel Secrets from Behind the Front Desk

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Top Hotel Secrets From Behind The Front Desk

We have been working on the hotel secrets from quite a long time. After years of our research, we have come up with the top hotel secrets from behind the front desk. Let us now look at some of them in details.

Top Hotel Secrets From Behind The Front Desk

Avoid Minibar

Most hotels provide mini bar inside the room. They try to hide the charges and do not disclose the minibar charges when you enter the room. Minibar charges are levied at the time of final bill submission. If your hotel is giving you minibar option, don’t hesitate to ask if it is free or not.

Booking From Third-party Hotel Booking Sites

Hotel booking sites create amazing pictures of the hotel and try to present it in the most beautiful way. It is human nature to get carried away with the picture. So, if you can book your hotel tickets directly, you should go for direct booking only.

Complain at Front Desk Directly

If you face any problem with the housekeeping or laundry boy or any other staff, it is always good to talk to front desk directly. If you really want management to take strict action, make sure you use your smartness and ask the front desk to talk to the managers only, in the cases if the problem cannot be resolved from their end. Complaining doesn’t mean firing. You can use your skills to teach helping staff a lesson but in a polite way.

Hotels Hide their Actual Charges

You can compare the average charge of your stay in a hotel to an average charge of your stay at your home. Hotels charge unexpectedly high and include their profits to expand and flourish their hotel business.

Do Not Forget to Compare the Rates

Do not book your hotel in hurry. Compare prices of different hotels and fix your deal with the hotel site that gives the maximum discount for the maximum services.

Talk to Front Desk for any Kind of Upgrades

Front desk managers have some authorities to reduce the charges and include some services that can make your trip the most memorable one. You can talk to them politely and ask for the upgrades like free Wi-Fi service to your room so that you can stay connected with your friends and family members as well.

Make Sure the Glasses are Clean

When you enter your hotel room, you will be served with fresh glasses and a mineral water bottle. Make sure those glasses are neat and clean. In case, you find any dirt, ask room staff to replace the glasses with the sanitized and clear glasses.

Wrapping Up

Above are the top 7 hotel secrets from behind the front desk. Hopefully, you find this information useful and consider it in future.

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