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Why People Prefer Mahabalipuram as a Destination in Summer Vacation?

Why People Prefer Mahabalipuram as a Destination in Summer Vacation?

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Summers are really tiring and boring for almost everyone across the globe and particularly in India where the summers are simply unbearable. When the sun scorches high and bright with its full capacity in months of May and June, the weather becomes quite difficult to live in.

Good Hotels in Mahabalipuram

For that very reason of summer, summer vacations are given in almost every institution of India. The working population also gets tour package from their employers during summer to give them a sense of refreshment and keep them fresh so as to work with more enthusiasm for the betterment of the company.

The teens are always enthusiastic about exploring the world and visit the various corners of the world and when they get summer vacations, stopping them becomes almost impossible. So if you are also looking forward to celebrate your summer vacation by having a tour of some tourist destinations, then Mahabalipuram might be and should be on the top of your priority list.

Mahabalipuram is a historic temple town of South India, located not very far from Chennai, the capital of the biggest state of South India. It is an historic evident of the rich cultural heritage the South India has preserved within it.

If you want to spend some quality time on beach, you can opt for beach resorts where you can enjoy the chilling wind blowing to your face and read a book. If you are looking forward to some peace and loneliness in your life, you should be looking for remote resorts where you can feel yourself and enjoy the beauty of nature.

The luxury of the hotels depends on the budget you can afford to concede, and that depends on who is accompanying you on your trip to Mahabalipuram. If you are with your friends, you would be looking for budget hotels, whereas in case of a romantic gateway, you would want to spend your time in a luxurious hotel to have a mesmerising experience of romance. The family with you will demand hotels with better convenience.

There are 8 cave temples in total in Mahabalipuram, which were built in the 7th century by Pallav kings. The temples are made from rocks which have some of the best engravings, being a classic example of Indian art. The rock carvings carry various Hindu deities and would be liked by those interested in the rich cultural heritage of Southern India.

The shore temple is also quite famous and has got its name as you can for the picturesque view of the Bay of Bengal and also has an alternate name called 7 pagodas due to a belief that it had 7 Pagodas until a tsunami hit the temple in 13th Century AD. It is built in Pallava style and has a beautiful granite engraving.

There are many other places too, to be visited like Arjuna’s penance, Thirukadalmallai etc where you would admire yourself for coming at. Find some good hotels in Mahabalipuram and enjoy your summer vacation with your family or friends.

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