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10 Basic Things a Hotel Must Offer Guests

10 Basic Things a Hotel Must Offer Guests

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Differently, styled hotels are being developed everywhere in order to gather more tourist’s attention. Whether you are treetop, underwater, or any other hotel, but providing basic amenities is a must that every guest look for. We are here with the list of 10 basic things that we consider a must-have for every hotel:


1.Free Internet or Wi-Fi service

Most of the people consider the Internet as useful as the air we breathe and hence they look for hotels that provide Internet accessibility as a complimentary service.

2.TV Channels service
Your guest no doubt have come on vacations and will spend most of the time in sight seeing but when he or she returns, one expects to have a warm bath with a cup of tea and An entertainment channel running so as to get ultimate peace and relaxation. HD Quality would be an added advantage.

3.Services for Kids
Your guests may come and stay with family and kids and so they look after basic things like swimming pool, tennis court, playing area, and much more. For toddlers, guests may ask you for the bottle warmer, prams, baby carriers, etc. like things. Don’t forget to provide these services because the main aim of your hotel is to provide 100% satisfaction and comfort zone to your guest.

4.Options of multiple sized room selection
If the family size is large, your guest would prefer to stay in a bigger room than your normal 2-bedroo. You need to get prepared for such kinds of guests and provide services accordingly.

5.Free coupons to Site-seeing
If you are a hotel owner, start collaborating with off-site seeing service providers and try to give some coupons or discounts on the services offered to your guests. This would encourage more people to book your hotel and avail benefits of services that other hotels may not offer.

6.Free Room Service

Your guests come for relaxation so offer them every comfort by serving free in the room he or she chooses to stay.

7.Free Drinks and cookies or chocolates on arrival

This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to win your guest’s heart. Free or we say complimentary food and drinks on arrival refreshes mood of your guest and give him or her one-time relaxation.

8.Pickup and drop service from and to the airport or railway station, whatever your guest prefer to commute by.
This will give your guests a worry-free journey as he or she won’t have to worry about the exact location of your hotel.

9.Personalized security
People come on vacations to get total relief and as a Hotel owner, you need to provide them personalized security by keeping their luggage safe when they are away for sight-seeing.

10.Comfortable bedding

proper lighting, easy calling, perfect dining, aroma of the room like basic facilities must be provided if you want to compete and gain guests in this competitive world.

Hopefully, you will find this list of top 10 basic things that a hotel must have useful and will consider it while developing your Hotel.

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