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10 Best Places to Stay in India with Stunning Water Facing Views

10 Best Places to Stay in India with Stunning Water Facing Views

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A retreat into the coastal lines or by the side of rivers are always a welcome change when you seek solitude and retreat; however what best can happen if the place that we stay in has the best offering of the water view right from the window and the balcony?

Hotels in Mahabalipuram beach

Presenting to you the list of the best places to stay in India with stunning water facing views from places as farfetched as Gokarna in Karnataka to Pali Marwar in Rajasthan to the pristine water view that the Mahabalipuram town in Tamil Nadu offers.

1. Radisson Blu Resort, (Mahabalipuram), Tamil Nadu

The inviting beach and the water to the Shore Temple, all are at a stone’s throw from the beach facing rooms and will surely make your stay in this hotels in Mahabalipuram beach worthwhile.

2. SwaSwara, Gokarna, Karnataka

You can only but behold such a spectacular and heart skipping site while you stay at any of the rustic villas in Gokarna which is all surrounded by mystical nature and calm waters which takes you to a different world altogether.

3. Mayfair Palm Beach Resort, Gopalpur, Orissa

Yet another sight that you cannot deny is from the Mayfair Palm Beach Resort tucked by the sides of Bay of Bengal. The old mixed perfectly with the new rooms with sea view gives you an amazing feel and do not forget to explore the sunset and the sunrise points that the hotel has to see something you will remember till your last breath.

4. Camp Chhatra Sagar, Pali, Rajasthan

While here, you get the spectacular chance to stay in tents where the calm reservoir water stretch and nature enthralls you. Do not miss on the sea of swans swimming about the water during the day time.

5. Marbela Beach Resort, Ashvem Beach, Goa

Yes, indeed, we talk about beaches and water here and so how can we forget Goa. So here we are with the Marbela Beach Resort where you can stay right at the beach where tents with the beach beds make you feel one with nature.

6. Leela, Kovalam Beach Resort, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Set right at the edge of a cliff is this beach resort where the water crushes to the stones beneath. A pleasant and a calm ambience to be in for sure.

7. Oceans Spray, Pondicherry

Who says that a man- made beauty is not a sight to behold and everything natural is the call of the day? You would not say so after you take a look at the Oceans Spray located in Pondicherry which is yes, manmade and is a lake spread almost over five acres with greenery and bliss etched all over.

8. Sharoy Resort, Wayanand, Kerela

From the nights alighted with fire flies and the days immersed into the calm water stretch of the Banasura Dam and the view of the Western Ghats, Sharoy Resort is a stay you would not want to miss.

9. Fragrant Nature Resort, Kollam, Kerala

True to its name, this nature resort offers the best combination of the peaceful waters of Mala Lake coupled with the blissful greenery encircling it.

10. Punnamada Resort, Alleppey, Kerala

The hub of tourism in Kerala, this resort is based in Alleppey where the resort rooms offer great views but the house boats they have is the place to be. Steadying within the backwaters of Kerala, the house boats offer luxury, peace and most importantly a sight with water and nature all around.

With so many options of hotels in Mahabalipuram beach, Pondicherry beach, along with other water body exotic abodes, which one would you try out today?

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