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10 Hotel Secrets Actually You Don’t Know in Hotels

10 Hotel Secrets Actually You Don’t Know in Hotels

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10 Hotel Secrets Actually You Don't Know In Hotels

Hotels are one of the safest places while traveling to some unknown destination. We are here with 10 hotel secrets that you don’t know in a hotel. Let us check them out:

10 Hotel Secrets Actually You Don't Know In Hotels

1. Always Keep your Bellman Happy: When you are staying in a hotel, make sure you keep the bellman happy so that he or she can assist you in your travel.

2. Check for Free and Paid Services When you Enter the Hotel Premises: Some hotels offer a free welcoming drink but charge for evening tea. You need to clearly check for the services that are free and ones that are paid.

3. Don’t Get Carried away with the Cleanliness: Hotels that look clean from outside may not be clean. So, when you go out of your room, don’t leave anything open.

4. Hotel loves Travelers Direct Approach: If you have any problem or want to avail any service, you can either approach the front desk or ask them to give you information about the concerned person. This is a good rule to leave your hotel happily.

5. Hotel Rooms have Germs: Before entering your room, ask room service to clean your room to remove the germs and other injections.

6. Many Online Travel Booking Sites offer 30% Discount: If you want to book your hotel room at the best prices, you need to convey information about online booking sites’ discount to the hotel management so that they can think once on your hotel booking rates.

7. Negotiate on Everything that Hotel Gives you: Running a hotel is a profitable business. When you are booking rooms, don’t forget that you can negotiate on every service that the hotel is giving you. For example, parking facility can be availed for free.

8. Running a Hotel is a Profitable Business: One-day hotel stay cost includes everything like operational cost, room service cost, meal cost, shower cost, etc. If any hotel is charging you somewhere between $30 per day, then you should know that the actual cost of one day stay at that hotel would be around $5 only. This is a clear ratio to check how profitable a hotel business is.

9. What would Happen if a Traveller walks Without Paying? Well, this situation mostly occurs when a traveler is staying at a particular hotel for just a night. If he or she walks away without paying the room charges then under such circumstances, hotel management would be asked to pay the room charges including taxes.

10. You can ask for Cleaning your Bedding on a Daily Basis: If you have just entered your room and you find that the bedding is quite clean, you may ask room service to clean the bedding once again.

Wrapping up
Above are 10 strange secrets about hotels that everyone must know. Hopefully, you will go through these secrets and try to work on them before your enter into the business of a particular hotel.

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