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12 Things All Family-Friendly Hotel Rooms Should Have

12 Things All Family-Friendly Hotel Rooms Should Have

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Planning vacations with kids and your toddlers is a troublesome task. But you can’t have complete fun and adventure without them also so, you need to take them along. Once you start your bag packing, things like napkins, baby diapers, wipes, clothes, blankets, and much more fill your suitcase space almost 90%. You are left with 10% space to do packing for yourself.


Do you know there are hotels that provide family-friendly things to make your traveling comfortable and easier? If no, we are here to guide you on things that you must look after while booking a hotel for your family:

1. Large room space: Many hotels provide big and spacious rooms for your family where you can enjoy sleeping on soft bedding, watch TV, sit on a couch and have tea with your partner, and do much more things. If you are a family of four, then you must check the room size that any particular hotel will offer under a single room set.

2. Sound proof rooms: Kids create a lot of noise. You should prefer rooms that are soundproof and doesn’t disturb your neighbors.

3. Clean Toiletry: Separate toilet with a pocket door. This can really help cut down on traffic in the bathroom when everyone is getting ready for the day!

4. Kitchen essentials: We don’t say that your hotel room should have an established kitchen but some basic things like a small refrigerator would go well.

5. Bathtub: Give your kids and family, a chance to take bath in a lavishing bathtub. Make sure your hotel has the bathtub to offer you complete satisfaction.

6. Adventurous places to Explore: If you are an early riser, make sure your hotel is near to places that can be explored. Places like an amusement park, fruits garden, and much more can make a better option.

7. Delicious Food: Food is the essence of any vacations. Mae sure, the hotel you stay in provides quality food, free from any kind of impurities.

8. Room Service: You may get tired after traveling so you need to look for hotels that can give you room service so that snacks, food, and other eatables can be ordered on the spot.

9. Laundry service: This may be expensive but you won’t feel stressed after reaching home if you avail this service. Laundry service will save you from carrying lots of clothes in your luggage.

10. Welcoming gift for your kids: Your kids will feel special when they receive a gift on arrival.

11. Welcome cookies and chocolates: Kids love cookies and junk food. If a hotel is providing you welcome cookies and chocolates, then you are surely giving your family a surprise gift.

12. Look for the hotels that organize special events for your Kids: events like kids program, campaigning, and much more can keep them busy so that you can get some time to spend with your spouse.

Hope you will take these 12 things into consideration while booking a hotel.

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