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15 Ways to Attract & Motivate More Guests to Stay at Your Hotel

15 Ways to Attract & Motivate More Guests to Stay at Your Hotel

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Hotel Management is one of the tedious jobs when it comes to bringing in more guests to stay in your hotel. We are here with 15 ways to attract more guests to stay at your hotel. Here we go…

1. Refresh your hotel building. Make sure your hotel doesn’t look the same way it used to look some 5 years back. Renovate your hotel building so that your guests feel new everything they come to stay at your hotel.

2. Improve your hotel Management. Keep on introducing new rules and policies to enhance your guests’ stay experience with you.

3. Improve your employees. Do not think of your hotel’s growth alone. Think of your employees and try to give them some kind of professional training as well. At least in a year, they should get one training.

4. Give them the power to take Decisions. Train your employees and give them some minor powers so that they can feel valuable.

5. Your front desk should work 24×7. Your hotel front desk should be active all the time. You should bot keep your guests waiting when they need your assistance.

6. Team spirit. Take your employees as a team and generate team spirit to make your employees feel satisfied when they work with you. Your employee’s team keeps your guests intact.

7. Give activities to your Guests. Allow your guests to share their experiences with you. Make them feel comfortable while they stay at your hotel.

8. Speak to your guests politely. Even if you are stuck in some personal problem, speak to your guests politely. Treat them with respect so that they feel important during their stay.

9. Inspect your rooms daily. When your rooms are empty or full, do not forget to inspect them on a regular basis. A dirty room will throw negative impact of your hotel room so they should be neat and clean all the time.

10. Take care of each and every guest. Value each and every guest and give priority to them. Whenever any of your guests come with a problem, give them a genuine solution so that they can visit your hotel next time as well.

11. Remove any kind of Odors that your guests don’t like. You should do everything possible to make your guests comfortable. If your guests aren’t comfortable with the aroma of the room, use some other freshener and change the odor.

12. Use the Internet as one of the powerful media to promote your hotel. Do not forget to design and develop your website that gives details about your hotel.

13. Do not forget Traditional Marketing tools. Online marketing is good but you shouldn’t neglect the power of traditional marketing ideas like Newspapers, pamphlets, Magazines, etc.

14. Hotel Promotion. Hotel promotion is very important to invite more guests and sustain guests who have come this time.

15. Have a motive to leave Everybody Happy. Your hotel motive should be 100% customer happiness. Stick your rules and regulations to your motive and work in the same direction.

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