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5 Best Places to Visit in South India

5 Best Places to Visit in South India

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South India is known for its beautiful beaches, temples, food, culture and the people. There are many tourist spots where one can enjoy and have an awesome time. South India has got variety in terms of everything. Whether you are a person who wants to seek adventure or you want to enjoy solitude in a beautiful beach. South India is there for it.

Mahabalipuram Hotel Booking

When it comes to temples in south India, Mahabalipuram comes instantly at the top of your mind. It is definitely a must see place for people who love History. One can easily do Mahabalipuram hotel booking through internet. There are beaches which are mesmerizing and then stone carvings which are made by men. Even the temples are made by men few centuries back.

Apart from Mahabalipuram there 5 best places in south India:

1. Bheemeswari is not so well known the place in the south. Other popular places have hogged too much of limelight because of which other beautiful places are not so popular. Bheemeswari is known for its fishing camp and wildlife sanctuary. For people who are adventurous, this is a must see place. One can do Kayaking, river rafting, trekking etc. This place is located in Karnataka. It is possible to rent out jungle lodges here. This place is also well known for Mahseer fishing which is the largest fishing game.

2. Gokarna If you love beaches then Gokarna is not a place which you can miss. Gokarna is the famous beach in Karnataka. One can get the experience of living in Goa over here. The ambiance of this place is same. Most importantly this place is cheap. One can enjoy staying in shacks near the beaches. Gokarna is just 7-8 kilometers from Bangalore.

3. Another popular place in Karnataka is Dandeli. This is again a good place for adventure tourists. It has got dense forests, wild animals, and river for your company. This place is popular as a weekend destination for people living in Bangalore. Boating and white water river rafting are the two most popular sports enjoyed by people over here.

4. Coorg is a famous place known all over India because of its coffee plantations. It is at 6-7 hours distance by road from Bangalore. One can do shopping in Madikeri market. As one travels in this area it gives the feel of travelling in Uttarakhand. It is a hilly area and the coffee plantations and bungalows where people are settled are on hilly areas. You can get to stay in the bungalows of local residents at just few thousand bucks.

5. As we go to further south, we arrive at the God’s own country – Kerala. It is also known as the ‘Venice of east’. Alleypey in Kerala is one place where you can enjoy unique stay in backwaters. Living in a floating house boat is a unique experience which one can get only in Kerala in south India and that too in Alleypey. It is in Alapuzzha district of Kerala.

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