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5 Must Do Tips for a Hotel Room Stay

5 Must Do Tips for a Hotel Room Stay

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5 Must Do Tips For a Hotel Room Stay

If you’re a frequent traveler, or your job requires traveling, then you must be staying in lots of hotels. You know how a good day can be turned into a bad one if your hotel room is not up to the mark. Even if your hotel is good, there are few tips to ensure a pleasant stay in hotels. Let’s have a look at them.

5 Must Do Tips For a Hotel Room Stay

1. Security

We all know how much security means to everybody. You need to make sure that the area your hotel is a good area. You can just hand a do not disturb sign, which can avoid unnecessary knocks on the door. Always lock the door and make sure it is bolted. If there is knock on the door, call the reception to check whether someone headed your door or not. Keep your valuables in the safe, mostly there is one in hotel rooms.

2. Room Hygiene

The first thing you should check as you enter the room is the smell of the room, make sure the hygiene of the room is up to the mark. If you’re just checking in, and hotel staff needs to work on the room, just wait and let them do their job. Because it is the last thing, you want to enter in an unhygienic room. You need to check the room bed, bedsheet, and cleanliness. Make sure that the toilet has all the essentials for your visit. Most of the times there are no towels or less. Check the basic amenities.

3. Review your expenses

If you have called the reception for food in your room, or coffee, make sure you know your stuff and charges. Sometimes these hotels overcharge you on things. Make sure that you’re only getting charged for the things you have had. Review your expenses, laundry expenses and all the paid stuff you did. Make sure you didn’t spend a lot of the stuff, which might bite you at the check-in.

4. Collect the freebies

Those mini shampoos and mini conditioners are going in the bag. Similarly, see small things which you can take with you, but make sure they are not chargeable. You can have these freebies and enjoy them. Make sure you handle the keys and entry cards to the reception though.

5. Check your room before leaving

There have been many stories of people who forgot their chargers and shirts. Make sure you have packed everything you came in that room. If you want to check below the bed, sure, just have a detailed checking on the room as to you’re not leaving behind your belongings.

These tips are going to help you become a good traveler. Just make sure you follow these tips. Also be kind to the hotel staff, and if they’re very kind, tip them off. You need to make sure everyone is happy serving you. Next time, if you’re staying in a hotel, make sure you go through all these points in your mind.

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