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5 Reasons Why Should You Spend Your Next Vacation at ECR Hotels?

5 Reasons Why Should You Spend Your Next Vacation at ECR Hotels?

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5 Reasons Why Should You Spend Your Next Vacation At ECR Hotels?

While you were busy maintaining a summer body, did you forget to plan a perfect vacation for showing off summer body and beating the summer heat in particular? We’ve some great ideas for you. ECR (East Coast Road) hotels are your ideal getaway because of the location and vibe you ’re probably looking for to indulge in this summer.

5 Reasons Why Should You Spend Your Next Vacation At ECR Hotels?

ECR is a highway in Tamil Nadu which is two-laned. Along the coast of Bay of Bengal, the highway is built connecting Chennai to Cuddalore via Pondicherry. And we all know about the French history of Pondicherry plus Chennai beaches are to die for.

The beautiful highway gives you a countryside drive feel which you all have been missing in your metropoles. Another highlight is that the stretch from Akkarai to Pondicherry is dotted with resorts and beach houses which can become your perfect Beach Holiday, complimenting summer vacation vision which you always dreamt of.

1. Spa Time!

With heat, comes exhaustion and that’s exactly what needs to be combated this summer. Check yourself in, in any ECR hotels as all of them delight you with the experience of spa. The Spa there generally is very serene and with relaxing ambiance that will immediately teleport you into Zen mode.

2. Private Beach

If you adhere to the principle of calm and secluded vacation, almost every hotel has a private beach which will treat you with the calmness of sea and utmost privacy.

3. Swimming Pools and Gyms

Want to keep your body as fit as it was when you embarked for your trip, every hotel has the gym with highly equipped machines to cater to your fitness streak. Also, if you don’t like to dip yourself in the Sea, swimming pools always comes to the rescue!

4. Activities

Hotels also keep in mind that you’re not bored during your stay with them. Activities like the bonfire, open restaurants, live music, etc. are how they keep you entertained.

5. The Beach

Private beaches are fine, but the feel of the real deal is completely enigmatic and different. These hotels also offer proximity to the beaches so that you don’t have to travel long or think about the time at which you will be able to visit the beach.

Additional Highlights

Perfect Family Vacation The area just not has interesting places for youngsters to visit but also for elderly because of the temples, for example, Marundeeswarar Temple and SholinganallurPrathyangira Devi Temple.

Art lover’s delight Art lovers pack your bags because this place caters to your artistic needs along with vacation need; if you’ve streak for ancient caves and architecture along with that, the place is just right for you. For example Cholamandal Artists’ Village, Dakshinachitra, Covelong, Tiger Cave etc.

UNESCO acclaimed Mahabalipuram is an acclaimed World Heritage Site by UNESCO which encompass Pallava sculptures along with shore temples; again a big highlight for people having interest in history, art or world heritage sites in general.

European Era Feels Apart from Pondicherry, giving you the feel of French colony, it would’ve been back in time;Tharangambadi which is a town in the Nagapattinam district is a former Danish colony (1620- 845), and it still has the mark of it which can be seen in these landmarks: Danish Museum, New Jerusalem Church, Fort Dansborg, etc.

Muthupet Lagoon It is a delta of river Cauvery forming a lagoon just before it meets the sea. The whole lagoon is at the southern end of the delta, and 4% of its area is engulfed in mangroves.

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