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5 Smart Tips to Having a Great Hotel Stay

5 Smart Tips to Having a Great Hotel Stay

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5 Smart Tips to Having a Great Hotel Stay

Be it business or pleasure, a trip away from home is something which we all could do with at least once in a while. Other things such as work pressure and personal issues remaining at a normal level, travel can do wonders for the soul. It can rejuvenate, get the body moving, broaden one’s perspective and throw open new doors for life to delight and teach us with new, exciting and unique experiences.

5 Smart Tips to Having a Great Hotel Stay

However, travel also involves a reduction in the bank balance, for which accommodation is the main component. Here are some tips to reduce the burden on the wallet while having a memorable hotel experience.

1. Credit Cards

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Even if that friend nags you once in a way, having a credit card may entail more paperwork, more bills, and more phone calls. However, it also means discounts and access to special privileges. Off late, companies have also started the concept of reward points which can be earned by spending and can be redeemed at a later point. Selecting and using an appropriate credit card based on the nature and frequency of one’s travel can help in slashing those exorbitant rates.

2. Checking travel plans

With the constant bombarding of SMS and e-mail advertisements, it is easy to lose track of the message or e-mail that confirms your hotel booking and contains your travel information. It is important to keep a tab on this, especially when there is a time difference or a long halt involved in the trip.

Making a detailed itinerary right from the date of leaving from the current place until the end of the trip and making a provision for delays is important. Ensuring that the tickets, dates of stay and other travel plans are in alignment with the itinerary will make sure that your wallet doesn’t suffer because of lack of proper planning.

3. Accommodating change

Based on your luck, you may be presented with a deal that is too good to resist but was not part of your original plan. Keeping yourself a little flexible (provided that other constraints permit it) and making the most of the lady luck and the discounts she brings can be an excellent way to add value to a trip and getting your money’s worth.

4. Avoiding paying just for a brand

In the hospitality industry, a brand becomes a good brand only because of its impeccable service. However, they may charge more than what they are worth to milk their brand name. There are many class B hotels which are not as well established as Radisson or Hilton but have sufficiently good enough service in addition to perks such as a complimentary breakfast or WiFi for no or nominal charges. These can make travel easier on the wallet.

5. Research

Instead of blindly going ahead with pre-arranged tours, investing some time in looking up alternative options, seeking inputs from acquaintances and most importantly, checking with the hotel regarding

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