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5 Tips to Find the Best Cheap Hotel Deals Online

5 Tips to Find the Best Cheap Hotel Deals Online

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Everyone wants some sort of refreshment from their hectic work schedules but high fares of flights and hotel accommodation turn their wishes into ashes. But the complete scenario has changed now.


If you are interested in taking your family on a refreshing round trip and don’t want to pay high fares then, we are here to guide you with the 5 best tips that would definitely help you book the cheapest hotels online. Let us see how:

1. Study the market trend

Don’t book your hotel tickets blindly. Make sure you do proper research and study the market trend in order to avoid any last minute rush. This will save you from spending your hard earned money on paying unnecessary fares. In the case, you find any offer that would apply from the coming month, then don’t fool yourself and book your ticket in the running month. Wait for the offer and try to get maximum discounts.

2. Stay alert all the time

Always stay active and take regular note of when the fares would drop and when they will rise. You don’t have to spend time on this, simply log in some sites and activate Email notification option so that you get every detail of the ticket fare rise or drop on your email itself. A lot of sites are available that give you enough information about when to book your ticket so that money can be saved to a considerable level.

3. Call directly to the hotel administration office and try to know their fares

Booking your hotel tickets through third parties like Yatra.com or BookMytrip can give you great offers so you can really expect to get affordable hotel rooms. But when you contact the hotel directly, you will come to know many other expenses that you will have to pay like Wi-Fi, amenities charges, recreational activities charge, and many others. This would give you a clear picture of the total expense that your single trip will count. It is always better to contact hotel first so as to avoid any last minute surprises.

4. Prefer hotels that are hard to find on the search engine

Many Hotels increase their accommodation charges and use that money to promote themselves. They tend to hire SEO who help them bring their hotel website amongst the top rankers. You can always look for the last pages of the search engine and select the hotels that charge fewer accommodation charges. It is generally seen that hotel on the first page of search engine charge more as compared the hotels going down the search engine pages.

5. Try to get coupon codes

A lot of hotels offer coupon codes giving discounts on the next visit. You can always contact your friends or relatives who have just visited any new place and got coupon codes. Try to get the benefits of these codes as hopefully, your friends or relatives would no longer be visited that place as they just did that.

Hopefully, you will find these tips useful and implement them while booking your hotel stay tickets online.

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