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Five Technologies Used in Hotel for a Better Guest Experience

Five Technologies Used in Hotel for a Better Guest Experience

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Five Technologies Used In Hotel For A Better Guest Experience

Technology has given every comfort to the people who are directly or indirectly using technology as a part of their lives. Even the hotels have started using latest technologies to upgrade their services and provide better experiences to the guests who come for personal or professional work. We are here with 5 mostly used technologies in Hotel that has given guests’ an unimaginable experience. Here we go.

Five Technologies Used In Hotel For A Better Guest Experience

1. Mobile Technology: You must have heard about mobile booking. Mobile technology has increased to a considerable amount. Its usage in Hotel can’t be ignored. According to latest figures and facts, around 40% travelers reserve hotel using their mobile device only.

Hotels have started using this technology to provide comfortable hotel booking experience to the travelers. For this, hotel website owner should optimize his or her hotel booking engine and allow travelers to book hotel room on mobile.

2. Self-check-in Facility: to remove the burden from the shoulders of an employee on the front desk. Self-check-in technology is in demand these days. Sometimes, when guests arrive at the hotel, the employee at the reception is missing. They have to wait and get irritated unnecessarily.

Self-check in saves time and energy of the guest. This service can be used by the guests to check-in the hotel using their mobile device or tablets itself.

3. Tablets: Tablets are another technology that can’t be ignored. Mostly popular amongst youngsters, Tablets usage is growing day by day. Hotels can provide tablets to the travelers inside the room in order to experience one of the best time during their stay at a hotel.

Wi-Fi facility inside the room can be upgraded by providing Tablets inside the room. Many hotel has started giving Tablets during the travelers’ stay. Not only this, hotels have started installing third party apps that allow their guests to control electrical switch from the Tablet itself.

4. Real-time or we call it Live Chat:
Live chat is one of the best ways to connect with the guest in the real time. This allows guests to get hotel services without any hassle. It helps in improving sales and giving better results.
Most of the guests prefer to resolve their queries on the spot. Live chat is one of the best options to solve their queries and simply their problems.

5. Door Management Using Mobile:
This technology is allowed only for the guests where they are given access to open the door of their room using their mobile only. This technology keeps guests safe and their belongings secured from any kind of theft. You can lock your belongings and move worry less.

Wrapping Up
Traveling for personal or professional reasons is a must. Staying at hotel and carrying out jobs is the need of the day. Today things have become mobile so is the need for the human workforce to work and travel for work. It is very important to integrate technology with the hotel if you really want to give your guests’, one of the best traveling experiences of their lifetime.

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