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How to Ensure a Safe Stay in Mahabalipuram

How to Ensure a Safe Stay in Mahabalipuram

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While we plan for a vacation and stay in new city, there are many things that are taken into consideration including the safety of you and your family or group! To enjoy a risk free, stress free experience, you need to prioritize your safety especially if you are travelling with the family. Vacation not only means wealthy spot, activities and adventure, great delicious food and cozy beds at cheap prices, but also reaching and returning from the holidays with a refreshed mood and happiness.

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While safety is top most priority for many, most of the people are prone to forget the most common sense safety regulations once their holidays start and they land on the place or hotel. Since vacations are an escape from duty, it doesn’t mean you become carefree or everything. While you are on a vacation from one of the most beautiful city in entire Mahabalipuram, there are some safety tips while you are on stay in Mahabalipuram. Read on:

  • Make sure that your door and your kids room is locked while you are going out for sightseeing. If your room has a balcony, keep your children with safety as well.
  • Try to choose a room between the third to sixth floors that is high enough to be accessible from street yet has fire department reach.
  • Instruct the children to open door only after verification or insist them to wait for you to open the door before letting anyone in.
  • Review the safety information of the resort or hotel before fixing your stay in Mahabalipuram. Know the nearest exit, staircase routes, and emergency numbers.
  • Park your vehicle in well-lit areas and if you are a women, then ask for valet or escort parking. Most of the thefts and scenes happen in parking lots.
  • Choose the resort or hotel that comes with surveillance cameras as this provides an extra added layer of security helping to prevent thefts and also discouraging criminals to break into. The cameras must be placed everywhere except the bathroom and fresh rooms.
  • Even though your resort or hotel provides you with lifeguards, you are suggested to monitor your child by yourself. Accompany them wherever they go!
  • Larger hotels and big resorts are an easy place for your child to become lost. Keep an eye to your child and inform the security guard if you are sending them unaccompanied.
  • Carry a cell phone and the hotels address, phone number with you. You are at a new place and in case of emergency or mishaps these things will come handy, amplifying the security and safety.
  • Make sure that the hotel and resort provides you with some doctor on call facility and 24/7 security as it won’t be possible for you to take proper care while on vacation.
  • No matter how big your vacations mean to you, few simple steps of safety guidelines can help to put your mind at ease allowing you to enjoy even more.

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