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How to Prevent Bed Bugs in Hotels?

How to Prevent Bed Bugs in Hotels?

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Travelling is somewhat everyone likes in their life either solo or with family or friends. Beach side tourist places are most popular among tourists. In south, one such destination – Mahabalipuram is very popular in Tamil Nadu. The place is famous for its rock craved structures done by local artists a few centuries back and also for its temples and beaches.

Mahabalipuram budget hotels tariff

The place has got hotels where one can comfortably stay and enjoy. There are budget hotels as well as luxury hotels at this place. Mahabalipuram budget hotels tariff starts from INR 750 to 800. The rooms in this hotels are good in terms of value for money. For more facilities and luxurious stay one can opt for hotels the prices of which range from INR 3000 and above.

Mahabalipuram budget hotels tariff can be easily found on travel websites or on popular search engines. The main issue which is very common among budget hotels is bed bugs. This is issue is faced by big luxury hotels also. Nowadays bed bugs prevalence has increased especially in hotels. It has become a major cause of worry for hoteliers. It can be a major spoiler in the travellers experience in hotel.

Following are some of the ways through which bed bugs can be prevented:

  • Bed bugs are normally found in places where people sleep. So those places should be thoroughly checked once every person in the hotel checks out.
  • One should check specific objects like linen, mattresses. Cushions, bed sheets, soft chairs which are the common places of bed bugs. Even places which are nearer to bed like telephone or alarm are common places where bed bugs can be found. As per some study, it is revealed that bed bugs are within 15 feet of bed.
  • Adjacent rooms to the room where bed bugs are found should also be checked as sometimes these species travel to nearby places in search for fresh meal. Bed bugs can travel through walls and electric sockets. So nearby floors of the room from where the bugs were found should also be inspected.
  • Regular pest control is necessary to keep the bed bugs in control. Nowadays many hotels work closely with pest management control companies and they are taking all necessary steps to ensure customer delight. Apart from pest control companies one should also work closely with laundry and dry cleaning services providers. Normally bed bugs do not survive at high temperatures. So it is good if these service providers wash the bed sheets, pillow covers, curtains etc. at high temperatures.

Lastly even after necessary due diligence if come customers complain about bed bugs then they should be shifted to a new room. Ultimately losing a customer because of bed bugs issue can seriously hamper the image of the company. On top of it, if there is no necessary action taken post the complaint then it will be a major disaster. In today’s age of internet such kind of unpleasant experiences spread like wildfire on the internet.

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