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Some Best Tips for Avoiding Ridiculous Hotel Fees

Some Best Tips for Avoiding Ridiculous Hotel Fees

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Some Best Tips For Avoiding Ridiculous Hotel Fees

Hotel Management has become start these days. Most of the hotels try to hide the excess of charges that they include in your hotel bill at the time of check-out. For example, if you are checking-in hotel some hours early, they will ask you to pay per hourly basis. Likewise, if you check-out some hours late, they will charge you per hourly basis. Such cost or hidden charges should be clearly mentioned on the website or at the time of checking inside the hotel.

Some Best Tips For Avoiding Ridiculous Hotel Fees

If you are also a part of those people who have paid such bills, then we are here to advise with 12 simple yet tricky tips to avoid such a kind of ridiculous charges. Here we go.

Compare Prices: Don’t forget to compare the prices of different hotel and the services that would come under those hotels. Try to negotiate and book the best hotel with lowest fares and the best services.

Feel Free to Ask: Before booking your hotel, create a list of things that you would from them. Make sure you are ready with the services and activities list that would ask for free.

Book Individual: It is always better to book a hotel that runs individually and not in the chain. Have direct contact with them and ask for the charges that they would levy for the services.

Check the Charges: Make sure you go through each and every charge that the Hotel would ask you to pay at the time of checking out. Try to check these details on the website of the hotel.

Negotiation: Negotiation is the key to avoiding ridiculous fees. If any hotel isn’t giving you free services like free Wi-Fi, you can always ask for it at the time of booking. You may give their competitors list along with the charges so that they can think on this once.

Book A Private Room: You may book a private room for yourself instead of staying in a hotel during your vacations.

Run Loyalty Programs: You can go for hotels that run loyalty programs for free. Loyalty program basically includes services like free Internet access. You can be a part of these programs and get free services.

Elite Membership: Be an elite member of these loyalty programs. Elite members aren’t charged early check-in or late check-out charges. You can join these programs and avoid unnecessary charges.

Free Parking Charges: Some hotels hide parking charges and include them at the time of billing. Make sure you ask for free parking before you book your room.

Drinking Water: Most of the hotels provide mineral bottles inside your room when you check-in. These bottles are sometimes free and sometimes chargeable. Ask them for free water bottles.

Free Wifi: Free access to the Internet is one of the best and the comfortable way of hotels to include heavy charges in your bill. Ask your hotel to give you Wi-Fi or Internet access for free.

Reward Points: You can use reward points of your credit card and book your room.

Wrapping Up
Above are 12 simple and easy to follow tips to avoid ridiculous Hotel charges. Hopefully, you find this information useful and consider it from next time.

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