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Surprising Hotel Tips Everyone Needs to Know

Surprising Hotel Tips Everyone Needs to Know

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Surprising Hotel Tips Everyone Needs To Know

Have you ever stayed in a hotel and got shocked at your overnight stay? If yes, you are here at the right place.
We are here to give you some surprising hotel tips that won’t let you get shocked in your next stay. Here we go.

Surprising Hotel Tips Everyone Needs To Know

  1. Do not book your hotel room by just checking the stars. When you start hunting for a hotel, you start with a 5-star rated hotel. Isn’t it? Yes, 5-star hotels have built up a reputation of the most luxurious and fancy hotels where you can stay peacefully. Do you really think that the stars matter a lot?

    Well, actually not!!! All 5—star hotels do not guarantee good services. There are many hotels that mark 5-star on their website but actually fail to give the 5-star like services to the customers. To save yourself from such a kind of fraud, it is advised to stay in a hotel where your friends or family members have stayed earlier

  2. Do you know what exactly these Stars mean?Basically, the star rating decides the luxurious facilities and basic amenities that you would get when you enter your room. Giving tip to housekeeping is one of the parameters that decide the star-rating of a hotel.

    You might have seen 2-star or 3-star rated hotels where house-keeping staff expects only Rs.30-Rs.50 from their customers. But when going for a 5-star, a house-keeping staff expects to get somewhere around Rs.100. Basically, more the number of stars, more will be your expenses.

  3. What does continental breakfast mean? Continental breakfast sound stylish. Well, don’t just simply get carried away with this word as this includes nothing more than bread and flakes. You might find yourself in a very luxurious hotel but continental breakfast will serve you only pieces of bread and light breakfast that won’t be enough to keep you energized throughout the day.
  4. Prefer book your Corner Room. If you have come to the hotel to find some peace in your life, it is advised to book a corner room that is free from noise and any kind of disturbances. Most of the hotels have separate rooms for customers who want to stay alone or at a lonely place. You can ask for such a kind of room and spend your time your way.
  5. Before shifting your luggage inside the room, Double Check the room. Your hotel room is your few-days home away from home. Make sure you check each and every detail of your room before you shift your luggage inside it. Your room should have neat and clean bedding, toiletries, mineral water bottle, electric kettle, and other basic needs and utilities so that you don’t feel messed up.

Above are some of the surprising tips for everyone. While staying in a hotel, it is always a better idea to work on these tips before staying and feeling sorry for yourself. Hopefully, you find this information useful and check these tips to make your trip the most memorable one.

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