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The Roaring Secrets of Tiger Cave in Mahabalipuram

The Roaring Secrets of Tiger Cave in Mahabalipuram

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The Roaring Secrets Tiger Cave in Mahabalipuram

Tiger caves in Mahabalipuram, one of the most-visited places, while traveling to Mahabalipuram. Reaching this place isn’t that tough. It is just 5 km’s away from the center of this city and you may go here by auto rickshaw.

The Roaring Secrets Tiger Cave in Mahabalipuram

What do You See?

Well, as per the name of this place, you may feel like finding tigers in a cave but actually, it is not. There are no caves and even you won’t be able to see the tigers here.

The name of this place is given the structure of this place. On reaching this place you will find rock-cut large shapes containing the head of the tiger. It is believed that this place shares its long history from the Pallavas time of 7th -8th century. Just like other popular monuments of Mahabalipuram, Tiger caves is one of the most visited and affable places that attracts’ tourists’ attention in masses.

This Tiger cave in Mahabalipuram is maintained by the ASI, Archaeological Survey of India group so you can expect to find cleanliness and a great area upon reaching here.

How do You Reach Here?

As already said, this place is just 5 Kms away from the center of the city, you will go by the main road called East Coast Road. Before reaching Mahabalipuram, at about 5 Km’s distance before, take a left side turn and travel 100M in the forward direction to reach here.

Directional and distance signs are available in on the main road so you can easily follow them and reach this archeological place without any hassle. Just after Tiger caves, you will find Ideal beach resorts, so you can enjoy your picnic at Tiger caves and travel few km’s in the forward direction to reach this resort and get a perfect dining experience.

Do you Need to Pay any Visiting Fees?

Well, no entrance fees but you would be asked to pay a meager amount of parking fees. There are some food stalls as well. You can take some snacks and enjoy your picnic time. Coconut water being the specialty of this place must be taken to feel refreshed from the hectic day.

Why Visit this Place?

  • This place is calm and doesn’t contain much crowd. If you are a peaceful person and want to visit some place to relax, you must visit this place without giving any second thought to it.
  • As already said, this Tiger caves in Mahabalipuram is maintained by the group of ASI, so you don’t have to worry about the cleanliness at all.
  • Your kids are safe and they can play and hang around the rock-cut structures of the head of the tiger.

Wrapping Up

If you are planning your trip to Mahabalipuram, then you must visit Tiger caves as it is one of the place monuments in Mahabalipuram. A perfect place for photography where you can frame different poses and click your memorable events. You can visit Subrahmanya Temple also after visiting this place. So, you have multiple choices when you reach here.

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