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Things Not to Do While Booking a Hotel in Mahabalipuram

Things Not to Do While Booking a Hotel in Mahabalipuram

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Travel shopping is a simple commodity with different prices. We try to keep everything perfect and stable when it comes to planning a trip. But booking a hotel is an entirely different thing. A small, dirty hotel without internet access or a broken LED can ruin your trip easily. Everyone wants to stay in a hotel which has all the amenities which one can find at his home at an affordable cost.

Booking a Hotel in Mahabalipuram

Choosing a hotel for your stay is the make or break trip option, as it affects your vacations a lot. There is a list in which things not to do before booking a hotel is mentioned. Have a glance at it:

1. Do not skip to check the Reviews

Integrating knowledge is the best way to get aware of anything. The same thing implies for your stay too. You should know about your hotel as much as you can. Read reviews about the hotel on different sites and keep researching about the same. Reviews can help in knowing about the services, amenities and additional services provided by the hotel. You can book Hotel in Mahabalipuram for catching the beautiful sights of temples from your hotel window.

2. Do not forget to check about the parking availability cost

If you are planning to reach the destination with your car then, don’t forget to check the parking availability and cost in the hotel. If the desired hotel does not provide parking area, then you can park the vehicle in private lots.

3. Do not forget to check the location of hotel

It is good to book a hotel near the main attractions of the city, but it will better if you look out the exact location of a hotel. Sometimes, it happens that the hotel is too close to the main attractions but, the nearby surrounding of hotel is not good like it is situated on the highway median. Unhygienic environment, noise and traffic are some of the things which can consume your time and ruins your mood. So, look out for all these things before reserving a room in Mahabalipuram.

4. Do not forget to check about the Airport shuttle facility

Some hotels provide free taxi service to airport but they are usually expensive and you book them in greed of hassle free trip. But, you should ask the hotel about complimentary airport shuttle service which can be less expensive. You can also compare two hotels and book the one which is better.

5. Don’t forget to ask the queries

You can take help from the front desk of the hotel with your polite words. One can enquire things properly and politely if need any help or any other service likes directions, call for a taxi and many more.

6. Don’t forget to ask about Breakfast

Usually, hotels offer breakfast which is mentioned on the hotel website, but after staying there, we got to know that the service is expensive. So, it is better to ask about the same previously. You can have it in any nearby cafeteria and save the bucks.

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