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Top 4 Places to Visit in South India in this Summer

Top 4 Places to Visit in South India in this Summer

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Top 4 Places To Visit in South India in This Summer

Anyone who travels a lot with the family members and friend must be aware of the fact that Southern India is the best part of our country that must be visited once in a lifetime. We are here with places that give wonderful holiday experiences while visiting South India.

Top 4 Places To Visit in South India in This Summer

1. Hampi

One of the best places in South India is Hampi that is known for the heritage monuments. If you like the see the historical age or want your kids to learn some historical facts then bring them closer to the village of Hampi, almost 350Kms away from the Bangalore state.

Here you will get a chance to see the remains of the Vijayanagar Empire that existed in Ancient times. The heritage monuments still look beautiful. Despite old, Vijaynagar Empire still holds significance. It is one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. The religious people can take a visit to the Vitthala temple and have a glimpse of the musical pillars emitting sound of some musical instrument that is quite hard to find.

2. Kodagu

Also known as Coorg is a small district that can be reached by car without any hassle. It is almost 6-hours away from Bangalore city if you travel via car. It is the calm & refreshing, and very cool place. So, if you want to take rest and enjoy some peace of mind then visit this place without giving any second thought to it. Kodavas culture was followed by the native residents of this place. Home-stays are also available for tourists who come to visit this place.

3. Kerala Backwaters

While talking about the best places in South India, if we don’t consider the name of the state Kerala then we aren’t doing any justice to the content. The state is loaded with coconut trees, house-boats, backwaters, and so many other unique sites of attractions that would drive you to go crazy for the place.

There are relaxing therapeutic centers here that make you feel rejuvenated all the time. The houseboat is one of the best things that you shouldn’t miss at any cost. Most of the house boasts offer overnight stays and delicious food from different cuisines. There are so many attractive things in Kerala that can’t be briefed in words here.

4. Mahabalipuram

If you are in Chennai, you can take a one hour ride to reach Mahabalipuram. It is one of the port cities that come under the ruling of the Pallava dynasty. This port city is most famous for the monolithic stone temples carved out from a single stone only. It is a must-to-visit place for the tourists who visit South India.

The South-side of India is full of beautiful and attractive spots that would make your trip, one of the best trips of your life. If you are planning to travel to South India this summer season then do not forget to visit any of these places. All of these places would surely make your trip, memorable one.

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