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Top 5 Ways to Enhance Your Stay in ECR Resorts

Top 5 Ways to Enhance Your Stay in ECR Resorts

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Top 5 Ways to Enhance your Stay in ECR Resorts

Summer has popped in, and surely many are looking ahead for a vacation. Needless to say East Coast side places are the best during summer to spend a relaxing vacation. But in today’s world and market quality is a priority to all, hence, the quality of services provided to the customers can either make or crash the brand. In a recent study it has been seen that almost 97% of global consumers have cited the customer service as one of the key reasons to their brand loyalty and choice. So enjoy your exotic stay in mahabalipuram beach resort – ECR

Top 5 Ways to Enhance your Stay in ECR Resorts

1. Kiosk/Mobile Check-in and Check-Out Accordingly

Technology has improved over time and there are applications that help in finding out important info about new and existing customers. Now, one can get to know about the top 100 customers that are to arrive to the destined resort, and know about their personal favorites and requirements.

Coming to Check-in and check-out kiosk check-in is a great way to heighten the guest experience, who doesn’t wish to have a slow or long line-ups process. In integration to this Kiosk also runs for 24 hours, without going for any breaks and ensuring that the guest is never inconvenienced.

2. Sending In-Stay messages & Reminders

Sending thoughtful reminders is one of the major ways to boost the guest experience and even ends up building the strong customer relationship. Informing your guests about the small things like; dinner, spa facility, and other arrays of services gives them a feeling of care and quality experience on-site.

3. Mobile ordering Options

A recent statistics report disclosed that almost 62% of travelers prefer using their mobile device for amenities and room service, as it’s fast and straightforward. Just with a tap on the button one can get routed to the exact team, get their orders placed without any staff interaction. This seems helpful for those guests who are in a hurry to get their order placed or don’t want to speak along in-person. Mobile orders are also less prone to error over human dealings.

4. Propose Personalized, Complementary Perks

Understanding a guests’ likes and dislikes over any other thing is a great opportunity to enhance their overall experience. Make a note of their favorite snacks or magazine and anchorage these insights during their stay at the resort and delight them. In integration to this one can even keep a record of these in the respective customer profile on CRM or PMS solutions.

5. Give a fond Farewell & Welcome them Back

Mentally every manager should be collecting info about their customers to make their next visit even better. Plug back any feedback to the customer relationship management CRM that the guest mentioned worth remembering. Check-outs shouldn’t be the last point with your guests, stay in touch. Welcoming them is one of the basic ways to make the customer feel as a priority. Engage in personalized, wishing them good lack and you’re looking forward to seeing them back on your resort.

Egaging with the customers on this platform is an excellent way to trigger your service and brand. Thus providing exquisite customer service is obligatory to ensure the guests’ stay not only satisfactory and joyful but also to gain them back as repeat visitors. Here are five ways to serve the guests with top-notch service to ensure they leave with the particular brand thought in their mind.

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