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What to Look for before Planning a Trip to Chennai?

What to Look for before Planning a Trip to Chennai?

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Better known as Madras by old people, Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu, a place where different cultures are followed by people. Located on the coast of Bay of Bengal, Chennai is one of the largest metropolitan cities in India. Chennai is an attractive destination if one wants to visit. One can explore new cultures that will be refreshing and offer all new experience. You can spend you weekends there to change your lifestyle for a while.

Hotels in Chennai Mahabalipuram Road

The rich culture of Chennai is completely different from Northern areas of the country. You should look out for all the amenities before having an excursion. Finding and booking a perfect hotel is the main step which one should take before moving to the city. There are following things which one should watch before having a trip to Chennai:


As Chennai is located at the southern part of India, it remains hot majority of days. Chennai during winter months (November to February) is best to visit, when pleasant weather and cool breeze welcomes you.


One can book Hotels in Chennai Mahabalipuram Road as it is nearby the main attractions of Chennai like Shore Temple, Descent of the Ganges, Pancha Rathas, Thriukadalmallai and many more. One should look out for the amenities provided by the Hotels in Chennai Mahabalipuram Road like cuisines, room service, and cost of staying, additional services and parking space. One can also look for a hotel where people know English or Hindi language as language is a huge barrier when it comes to visiting Chennai.

Where to Visit?

One can hire a guide if he is not aware of the main attractions of Chennai as well as Mahabalipuram. Main attractions of Chennai are Marina Beach; Cave long, Vivekanandar Illam, Edward Elliot’s Beach, Kapaleeshwarar temple, St, Thomas Mount etc. These destinations are worth visiting if you are planning a trip to Chennai.

What should you avoid in Chennai?

Although Chennai is a place where people are so sweet and helpful still there are some of the things which you should avoid while visiting the destination:

  • While visiting any temple, submit your shoes to the shoe booth only. Otherwise, you may come back to the hotel bare footed.
  • When you visit any beach in Chennai, be careful as sometimes, it became unsafe due to high tides. Many people drown each year at the Marina Beach.
  • Avoid drinking tap water as it is toxic and non-drinkable. You should take RO purified water.
  • Avoid eating street food of Chennai as it is somewhat unhygienic and can make you ill.
  • Chennai drivers are not skilled. Be careful while crossing the roads.
  • The weather of Madras remains hot during day time. So, keep you well hydrated and protect yourself from sun with sunglasses, hat and scarf.

Vising Chennai will be a nice experience if you keep above things in minds. Every place has its pros and cons; this is nothing if you are willing to travel this beautiful city. Hope! It helped you.

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