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Why Mahabalipuram is the Best Tourist Spot in South India?

Why Mahabalipuram is the Best Tourist Spot in  South India?

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There so many places to visit in south India and everyplace has its own magic and influence on oneself. Tourists love South India and the culture it has preserved over the years. But apart from all the beautiful locations and magical places, there is one city, which is almost unbeatable from every aspect of tourist place. I am talking about Mahabalipuram. The city is just 60 km from Chennai and holds its unique location prestigiously. There are so many reasons why it is the best location to visit in South India. Let’s list one by one.

Why Mahabalipuram Is The Best Tourist Spot In  South India

Architectural Features


The city has lots of temples of Pallava form of architecture, with some mixture of Buddhist art form. The sculptures are mainly consists of chariots and warriors. They are located at side banks of Bay of Bengal. The whole place is an example of very rich art form and if you’re a true art admirer, you will find this place no less than heaven. Even if you’re not into art that much, you will be, that’s the charisma this place has on an individual.

A dedicated temple to lord Vishnu, named as Thirukadalmallai, is an example of mixed form of art, build majorly to safe the rest of the art from washing off because of ocean. The place is a good example of ancient technology and how it helped the other sculptures.

The famous Pancha Rathas is the main eye candy of this place and is very famous across South India. It is five pyramidal structures named after the famous Pandavas (Arjun, Bhim, Yudhishtra, Sahadev and Nakul) in Mahabharta and Draupadi. An interesting aspect of the rathas is that, despite of their sizes, they are not assembled. Each of them is made from a single stone.

Other Landmarks


It used to be a seaport in ancient times and du to that, many colonial art forms is present in the city. There is a light house that was built in 1894, which is a cool place to hang out while sunset.

If you want to change from Pallava architect after a awhile, you can visit Varaha Cave Temple, it is a small rock-cut temple built in 7th century. You’re going to love this place I must tell you. It is a perfect package of all the things a tourist can dream of.



The location of the city is perfect, on the banks of bay of Bengal, and closeness to Chennai adds another feather in the cap. Ancient traders used to use it as a sea port, and due to that, the art is very rich in the city.

These factors truly make it the best place to visit in south India. I am sure that you’re planning your next trip to Mahabalipuram, if not, then what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and be ready to have a lifetime experience with your loved ones.

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