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Top Hotel Booking Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them?)

Top Hotel Booking Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them?)

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10 Hotel Booking Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Booking a hotel is one of the tedious jobs that take most of your day. If you are booking a hotel, then we are here with the list of 10 common mistakes and how to avoid them. We have done some research work and tried to find out the solutions to avoid repeating these mistakes. Let us see how?

10 Hotel Booking Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

1. Expect to book the best room

Most of the people while planning to book a hotel expect to book the best room to avail the best of all facilities. This is the biggest mistake that most of the people do and end up wasting their time and energy.

Solution :Join Hotel Loyalty program and try to become a member of this program to get the best deal benefits.

2. Expecting every request entertained

Most people expect that everything they request would be entertained by the front desk. Like expectations of the fine dining hall, swimming pool, water baths, recreational areas, and much more.

Solution: Do not expect anything. When you stop expecting, things will start improving, and your stay would become the best stay of your life.

3. Arrival & departure date and time not mentioned properly

Some people repeat this mistake and end up finding themselves and their family members in trouble.

Solution: When you enter your arrival and departure timings, fill every detail with utmost care.

4. Paying via real-money

Some people make hotel booking payment via money and end up booking a hotel without getting reward points.

Solution: Make payment via credit card to add some reward points.

5. Not doing enough research

Most of the hotel booking sites try to fool customers by uploading fancy pictures of the hotels and services. It is quite natural for the travelers to get trapped in this circle.

Solution: Do some research work and try to book a hotel that has genuine likes from the people who have earlier stayed there.

6. Not calculating the total fare of the stay

Some people ignore taxes and expect that their hotel stay would be cheaper.

Solution: Calculate the total room charges including taxes to avoid any last-minute surprises.

7. Ignoring the power of review

There are people who don’t check reviews from the people who stayed in the hotel last time.

Solution: Checking reviews are very important because this is the only way to understand how any new hotel will serve you.

8. Booking a hotel in a hurry

If your tour is a planned one, do not book your hotel in last-days.

Solution: Booking a hotel some months back can give you good deals and offers.

9. Compare prices of different hotels

Lots of hotel rooms are available these days. It is essential to compare different prices of the hotel for the services offered.

Solution: Use come price comparison sites and try to book the room in the best and the cheapest hotel.

10. Trusting sites that do not refund

There are thousands of thousands of sites available these days so do not trust sites that don’t promise to refund your money.

Solution: In the case of any cancellation, book rooms in a hotel that promise to refund your hard-earned money.

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